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Nowadays, from banks to individual investors everyone is involved in foreign exchange trading or forex market. Forex market is a premise whereby currencies are traded. It includes a high risk of losing money yet this market has emerged to be one of the largest and most liquid markets of the world.

There are no fixed price quotations in a forex market as the price quotations keep on changing every now and then. Market remains open twenty-four hours a day and five and a half days a week. The whole process of transaction is always carried out via electronic process called ‘over-the-counter’ or OTC process.

An overview

Forex marketing works through ECN or electronic communication network. Many such trusted true ECN brokers are prevailing in the exchange market. These ECNs link the smaller market parties with their trading opposites and hence help in forming the bridge to carry out transactions with ease. is there to throw light on forex trading with a trusted true ECN.

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JAFX founded by John Anthony in 2016 is relatively a new player in the forex market. But this fact has not stopped the broker firm from achieving overnight successes. The broker firm avails the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) system of trading. This system can be retrieved from both mobiles and PC. Mac users need to use the browser version of MT4, that is, WebTrader. This MT4 system is still not downloadable for Mac and hence the other way to get into the trading.

JAFX is a ECN broker that is it doesn’t have in dealing desk. Because of the low trading costs ECN brokers are really attractive to traders these days. A real ECN broker puts your order into the network and an order from the liquidity provider automatically matches the client’s order and transaction is carried out.

JAFX offers forty-seven pairs to trade with 0.01 micro lots accessible. Trading up to thousand lots is allowed. Several exchange strategies as pending, stop orders are permitted as well. is where you need to head to for true ECN broker.



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